Tulsa Newcomer Services has officially partnered with YWCA Tulsa!

YWCA Tulsa has more than 35 years of experience serving refugees and immigrants in the Tulsa community and we can not wait to see how our impact is expanded with this new partnership. Maria will serve as the Youth Education Manager and lead the work she was currently doing.

We will continue to support students who are immigrants and refugees through tutoring and mentorship as well as support schools and teachers to meet the needs of their diverse student population. This marriage will take us places we individually wouldn’t be able to go and we are beyond thrilled.

Please stay connected with us. YWCA Tulsa is a non-profit organization that runs off of grants and donations. Your support is the reason we were able to make it to where we are today and it is necessary to continue our work looking to the future. We would love for your continued support as this transition takes place.

My new email address is mfedore@ywcatulsa.org. Don’t hesitate to reach out!



Maria + Tulsa Newcomer Services