About Us

Our vision is to equip and empower teachers to provide an excellent education to their culturally and linguistically diverse learners.


In working towards our vision, Tulsa Newcomer Services 1) designs and facilitates professional development and targeted, individualized direct support for teachers and school supports to address the educational needs of immigrant and refugee students and, 2) provides support directly to immigrant and refugee students focused on areas that students themselves identify as the greatest, most urgent need to be successful and feel confident in school.


RESPECT.  We value the strengths, experiences, and perspective of others and recognize our own limitations. We seek to better understand the communities we work with to advocate in situations when their voices are not heard as well as better serve the teachers who are educating the children of these communities. 

INNOVATION. We focus on staying married to the problem and not the solution.  We remain rooted in the needs of our clients and flexible in our approaches to best support teachers and students. 

DIVERSITY. We will seek to work in collaboration recognizing the value that many different ideas and experiences bring to the table. 

INDIVIDUALITY. We adapt support to meet the unique needs of students and teachers. 



Maria Fedore, Executive Director

After teaching in Houston, Texas as a Teach For America corps member, I moved abroad to work directly with Burmese refugees in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I returned to the US to receive my Master's in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and moved to Tulsa, OK to work as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development with Teach For America.  I am now working to combine my skills and passions to better support the growing number of immigrant and refugee students living and growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Maria is an avid crossfitter and lover of her dogs, Hartley and Gage. 


Mallory Mitchell, Resource Developer and Program Advocate

I began teaching conversational English through Oklahoma State University's English Language Institute during my sophomore year of college and fell in love with the work. After graduation, I pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language at Iowa State University and then secured a year-long teaching fellowship at New York University Abu Dhabi; among other roles, I acted as a support to nonnative English academic writers. After my year in the Emirates, I continued to support nonnative English academic writing at the collegiate level, along with nonnative English academic listening, speaking, and reading, as an intensive English instructor at the University of Tulsa. Since my time at TU, my focus has shifted towards English language learners beyond the higher education sphere, and in recent months, I have joined in the work for Tulsa Newcomer Services as an English tutor for refugee high school students in the Tulsa area. I am thankful for the opportunity to engage in this meaningful work with phenomenal new residents of the United States.