Please consider making a monthly donation to Tulsa Newcomer Services.  With your support, we can foster a community that focuses on inclusion and valuing diversity of all students through education.

For reference, here is a list of the cost it takes Tulsa Newcomer Services to offer services to our students:

  • $25 – Healthy snacks for students for a week
  • $50 - Sponsor 1 student for a week 
  • $100 - Healthy snacks for one month
  • $500 – Cover the cost of school supplies for a year
  • $2000 – Sponsor a student for one year
  • $6000 - Make it possible for us to stay in our location in the community by covering rent for a year
Donate for students to receive tutoring
Donate for Professional Development of Teachers

If a monetary donation isn't your favorite way to give, we have other ways, too!  We have a growing list of items  on our amazon wishlist linked below that our students need.  Peruse the list!  Every purchase makes a huge difference.

Thank you for supporting Tulsa’s newest learners!