Our consulting services bring our experiences and passion to focus on the most critical opportunities and needs facing the immigrant and refugee students they support.   Our hope is to work to best understand the perspective of those we are working with while using practices and principles that are proven best for learners. 

Professional Development

Professional development sessions provide on-site, interactive presentations using Powerpoint alongside handouts focused on research-based best practices to support the varying needs of immigrant and refugee students.  

Featured Topics: 

Cultural Competence in Education.  In this experience, participants focus on the specific needs of their immigrant and refugee students having differing experiences with formal education.  We will engage with learn strategies to build background and create welcoming environments that can be utilized in the classroom immediately having a lasting impact on student achievement.

Family Partnership.  This session provides the opportunity to truly collaborate and learn alongside families to build a true partnership.

Engaging all Learners.  Student demographics continue to become increasingly diverse.  It is challenging to differentiate teaching to meet the needs of all students while also having students identified as English Language Learners.  The research-based strategies learned and practiced in these sessions can be implemented to differentiate for the whole class while meeting the diverse needs of all students.